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Ok, so I understand that the new garrysmod server is new but its still drastically lacking activity. If you do not yet have garrysmod, we do recommend you to get it. Also, depending on how much activity the server gets as a RP server, I might change the gamemod to increase activity. So if you have garrysmod, dont be afraid to help get the server populated. Thats all till next time...
Posted by: S. Luetger

Our server is ran off of nothing but donations. We would appreciate a simple donation to help keep us up and running. Also, our server is currently only 16 slots so donating will not only get you slot reservation, but it will help put towards more slots into our server. Donating will give you access to the donator group in our server which grants you more access's. If you are interested in donating, click the link below. Thanks.

Monthly Goal/Fees: $50
Donations: $0
Amount Needed: $50


Are you seeing 'ERRORS' in our server? Our server is running the following plugs:
PHX3 - [Click To Download]
WireMod - [Click To Download]

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last updated - 05/03/10

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