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1st Platoon
Platoon Leader 2nd Lieutenant To Be Determined
Platoon Sergeant Technical Sergeant To Be Determined
1st Squad
2nd Squad
Fireteam Echo
Trainee Recruit Halladay, Kyle
Trainee Recruit Keefer, Donnie
Trainee Recruit Pantes, Steve
Trainee Recruit Ronin, Khyl
Trainee Recruit Sands, Chris
Untrained Recruit Carter, Dwayne
Untrained Recruit Clayton, Mark
Untrained Recruit Miles, Steve
Untrained Recruit Muijen, Rutger
Untrained Recruit Novak, Nick
Untrained Recruit Swagger, Sinay
Untrained Recruit Thadius, Sean
Untrained Recruit Wagner, Keenan
On Leave Private Clinker, Taylor
On Leave Private Cuppy, Allie
On Leave Private Gucciarelli, Michael
On Leave Private Shannon, Ryan
On Leave Recruit Span, Timmy
Platoon Staff
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