After spending the past few weeks talking to friends about starting a blog to touch on topics that interest me I have finally done it. Today marks my journey to write about topics of marksmanship and firearms that interest me. I do not have everything figured out at the moment but I knew that if I did not start this now then I may let it pass me by.

I have always been interested in weapons from the time I was 4 when I fired my first .22 rifle. I competed a few times in my early teen years in the Alabama State Games taking a few trinkets along the way. My great-grandfather was an inspiration to me as I would tell everyone I knew he was the greatest marksman alive. He had spent an enlistment in the Marine Corps after high school and had the standard moto tats a jar-head of his area would dawn upon the arms. Sadly he passed away a few years later and after stumbling upon some of his items I knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I enlisted in the Corps in 2004 and after a few deployments and a PCS I was offered a chance to work at the base rifle and pistol range. Upon arriving I was tested by the chief instructor there and apparently did not fair well in his eyes. He took me under his wing and fed me with a great amount of knowledge, I have honestly forgotten much of what he taught me, it was like drinking from a fire hose.

After spending almost a year working as a marksmanship instructor and practicing in my off time with my mentor I proved myself enough to earn a spot on the Marine Corps Rifle Team. Spending almost 4 years on the team I learned  as much as I could about fundamentals, ballistics, reloading, and many other topics of marksmanship. I was always hungry to learn more although my bank account didn’t always agree with my goals. I look back at the time and thank those who supported me along the way, my wife most importantly.

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